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Scrappy's Classic Cocktail Bitters Sampler Set

Scrappy's Classic Cocktail Bitters Sampler Set

  • Four 1/2 oz. (14ml) bottles
  • Contains Aromatic, Orange, Orleans and Celery

Scrappy's "Classic" sampler comes with four bottles of bitters to sample in your cocktails before committing on a larger bottle size. The classic sampler gives you all the bitters you need to create those classic cocktails, aromatic bitters are usually called upon in a cocktail with brown spirits, orange bitters for the clear gin's and vodkas and you're bloody mary will do great with the celery bitters. The classy sazerac's and "anise flavored" bitters are solved through Scrappy's Orleans bitters.

Each bottle is .5 oz. in capacity and 6-8 drops from each bottle equals 1-dash for your cocktail. Of course, also makes a great holiday, birthday or that special day.

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