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Letterpress Limoncello

Letterpress Limoncello








5+ stars from Difford's GuideRated 5+ stars out of 5 from the prestigious Difford's Guide! The first limoncello ever to receive that rare rating.
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Skip has been tasting limoncello around his family's table in Rome since he was a boy. When he decided to start a distillery, he knew that he wanted to pay homage to those memories.

Always looking for a way to make things better, though, Skip created Letterpress Limoncello to be "a perfect balance of sweet and heat," as he likes to say, with a pleasant lemon finish.

Letterpress Limoncello is made the old fashioned way: with our own vodka as the base, real lemons, and no artificial coloring (sadly, a rarity in commercial limoncello these days; go ahead and look for yourself). In addition, Skip chose to really go back to the roots of limoncello and sweeten it with Pacific Northwest honey insead of simple syrup. Before refined sugar was cheap and ubiquitous, honey was what Italians had for sweetening; once we tasted the extra complexity and superior texture the honey provides, there was no going back...


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