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Welcome to the club...

What club? The Letterpress Distilling Club. Your club. Or, as we like to call it...

The 'Press Club.*

    No. But, seriously. What is this club.  Hang on.  We're getting to that part. But here are the basics: the 'Press Club is a way for fans of the distillery to receive regular shipments and dibs on LIMITED-EDITION RELEASES, which you know will be awesome because we just put them in all caps.
    "But, seriously," you're saying, "What's the deal?"

    Here's the deal...

      Club members receive four shipments a year, which may include:
      • Quarterly subscription shipment
      • Special cocktail mixers and recipes
      • 10% off on your base subscription order
      • 10% off on any additional bottles added to your subscription shipment
      • Additional case discounts
      • Invitations to club events, product releases, and pick-up parties
      • Our love

        What else do you get?

          Not much, really, because that is a lot of really awesome stuff already.  And one of those things is our love, which is priceless!

          What to expect

          We will send you an email prior to each quarterly shipment outlining what we will be including in your automatic base subscription package.
          Base subscription shipments will each total approximately $50 (give or take a little), not including taxes or shipping costs. You will have the opportunity to add additional bottles of merchandise at the 10% club shipment discount.  Orders of six bottles or more will be automatically bumped to a 15% discount. If you do not want to add anything to your shipment, just kick back and relax! We'll send it out automatically and delicious spirits and liqueurs will magically appear at your door! MAGIC!

            How do I join?

            1. Put the 'Press Club Membership in your shopping cart
            2. Proceed to checkout
            3. Enter your contact info and complete your no charge order
            4. We'll follow-up with a phone call to securely collect your credit card information before the first order is processed


            *We're more proud of that name than we have any real right to be.
            **ALL CAPS = awesome. We don't make the rules...